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Your #1 Process Server in New Jersey

Our primary goal is to provide fast, reliable, and professional process service in the state of New Jersey. We understand our clients’ needs to be able to depend on their process server and we make it a point to be available and ready to serve your subpoenas and other documents immediately. Client satisfaction is our number one priority and maintaining strong long lasting relationships with our clients is the highest value.

Professional, Quality Service of Process

Accredited Process Service, LLC has been providing our clients with professional and quality service of process in New Jersey. In addition, our highly qualified staff remains on continued call in order to answer your questions and to furnish you with up to the minute status reports when requested. Our clients are notified immediately when the address supplied proved to be invalid. We want to be your one stop for service of process.

Dependable Nationwide Service

Not Only do we have process servers in New Jersey, we also offer service for anywhere in the United States and pride ourselves on the quality of process, and following the strict adherence to codes of civil procedure.

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#1 Process Server in New Jersey:

Our main office is located in Middletown, NJ servicing the surrounding counties.

Serve Your Papers Today

Process Services NJ:

We serve summons and complaints. Writs, garnishments, postings, subpoenas, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, notices, pleadings, motions, discovery documents, restraining orders and much more.

Service Handlings:

We offer three types of service handlings, Routine, Rush, and Same Day. Service fees include multiple attempts, including weekends at no additional charge. Additionally, we are ready to handle all your specific needs. Fees for specialty services are quoted upon request.


Computerized system specifically designed for process serving. Speedy returns, easy to read computerized invoice and affidavits.


We Carry Errors & Omissions Insurance.